Military-Veteran Entrepreneurship Program (MVEP)

About OSOCRC’s Military-Veteran Entrepreneurship Program (MVEP)


OSOCRC is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization created by founder David Francois to help our youths and veterans transition to civilian life. OSOCRC provides HANDS-ON tools for our youths and veterans to take advantage of the benefits of being in the construction industry.

We provide a gateway to veteran-friendly educational and economic development and programs that can maximize veteran employment opportunities. Through our Career Services, once each recruit graduates the OSOCRC we are able to transition veterans directly into our staffing firm, Army of Builders Corps, that will send them on live projects to service our clients who are in need of qualified, disciplined MB’s and who are eager to hire veterans for jobs that put their particular military skills to use. We can also assist veterans in creating a winning resume and preparing for job interviews. For those veterans who want to start their own business, we created the OSOCRC Entrepreneurship Program.  The Entrepreneurship Program provides all the knowledge needed to successfully launch and operate a construction company. As soon as their business is up and running, we also help them get certified to becoming a Florida State General Contractor. We’re committed to providing one-on-one support and guidance at all stages of transition.


"In the military you get eight weeks of Basic Training, six to seven months of skill instruction, and then do a job for however long it fits, possibly all the way up to retirement. Yet, you have less than two weeks to unwind from the military and transition out. Our mission is to provide critical hands-on support to veterans seeking to establish a business in the construction industry.”


Many vets find it challenging to transition from military life back to civilian life. A large percent of vets has had dreams of going into business but didn’t have a chance to execute their dream. One of the important things to conquer changing the mindset from an enthusiastic veteran starting an enterprise as a Master Builder into an entrepreneur who needed to know how to create profit and loss statements, understand the necessity of developing a business plan and learn all about prioritizing the customer. OSOCRC’s Entrepreneurship Program gives the veteran who has an idea he or she wants to take to the construction industry market a solid framework for accomplishing that, along with a healthy dose of reality. Military veterans are all about planning. Our online courses give each MB the tools, structure and mindset they need now in order to be successful in the construction industry.

While pursuing the coursework and classes, each recruit will be able to see how the skills required for certain military tasks, such as intelligence gathering, parallel the sort of analysis needed to shape an effective business plan.

We welcome all military veterans to participate into this program. Many applicants represented a wide range of age and social demographics, and because our unique approach the program has resonated deeply with the veteran community. You have old Vietnam vets near retirement who had always had a project idea in the back of their heads, but never receive the proper mentoring to make it a reality. You have some who were already in business and looking for ways to become better business leaders. And you have some who loved their idea so much that they were blind to certain critical realities. But going through this process awakened us all.


Support and Camaraderie Among Veterans Boost Success

Many recruits begin to understand the particular value in the inaugural program’s second phase—the three, in-class weekend sessions when the participants and instructors meet face-to-face. After each MB completes the first phase on their own online, we then get together with each Master Builder (MB) and mentor them through powerful weekend workshops. This helped each MB to understand where they are with their business ideas and plans, and, as a result, how we can help them to accelerate them.


Veterans are very blunt and honest with one another. In this program you not only get instant feedback from your own community but also a tremendous amount of support. Different speakers will come in and by the third weekend we will have covered topics like business insurance and the legal aspects of intellectual property, and we will have also learned about some very useful tools to having a successful construction company.


Ox School of Construction Resource Center offers a clear road map for developing your idea and challenge each Master Builder (MB) to see if they have followed that road map and were asking potential customers the right questions. We instill very fundamental ideas of entrepreneurship, focusing less on the ideas and more on the customer.


“This program is a great step forward,” says founder David Francois. “Traditionally, veterans in the community have been told that they’re broken and that somebody else needs to do something for them. This is a way for you to put yourself into action—not wait for a donation or quietly wish that you could be doing something else.


While working with many vets, we noticed from working and assisting them on their transition issues at the national level is that solutions really need to be local. Many people with families and jobs can’t attend a program that’s out of town and they also want to know how to become an entrepreneur or better business owner in their own community. Ox School of Construction Resource Center Entrepreneurship Program offers this important advantage.”


Next Steps: Business Planning and More Action

The third phase of the program is the follow-up guidance from experts coming from local small & large construction companies who has seen and will share some very valuable technics to avoid pit falls that will find you at some point and knowing how to navigate through those issues will make you a better construction industry business owner.

Ox School of Construction Resource Center will help cultivate your dream and give each MB a renewed sense of mission, purpose and focus. When you put veterans in action, positive results come out of it. We encourage each MB to apply every good aspect of our military training to their business.




Take Advantage of These Benefits and Resources

Ox School of Construction Resource Center is here to help you transition to civilian life here in the State of Florida. We offer these dedicated services to help you find a new career, start a business, and connect to other helpful resources.


Career Opportunities

Businesses in high-growth fields such as aerospace, construction, manufacturing, logistics, research and development, and technology are seeking to hire veterans and provide them with the training they need to build a long and fruitful career. Start searching for your next career on the Ox School of Construction Resource Center Veterans Career Portal and apply for jobs targeted to your experience.

Find Your Next Career in Florida 


Expand Your Education

Ox School of Construction Resource Center makes it easy for veterans to get the education and hands-on training they need to develop a career in the construction industry. This makes Ox School of Construction Resource Center one of the top construction trade schools in the state for you to further your education.

Expand Your Education


Entrepreneurship Training

The skills you learned in the military like discipline, attention to detail and leadership directly correlate to being a successful entrepreneur. Ox School of Construction Resource Center sponsors a world-class entrepreneurship program just for veterans. We’ve joined forces with top Florida universities, colleges and construction companies to deliver the Ox School of Construction Resource Center Veterans Entrepreneurship Program, a training initiative for vets seeking to start their own business in the construction industry. As part of the program, you’ll gain access to small business development resources at no extra cost.

Launch Your Business


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Impact of the Ox School of Construction Resource Center Entrepreneurship Program

  • $200 k Revenue
    generated by our graduates
  • 117 Veterans
    served by our programs
  • 11 Businesses
    opened by our veterans to date
  • 171 Hires
    made by our veterans to date


Get Help Starting Your Veteran-Owned Construction Company

Nearly one in four active duty service members and veterans want to open and operate their own business. Opportunity, freedom, and challenge attract them to business ownership. Are you one of them?

Ox School of Construction Resource Center’s Entrepreneurship Program is made up of multiple components. If the idea of becoming an entrepreneur interests you, we offer a free, online course that allows you to work at your own pace and learn more about being an entrepreneur. We have partnered with six Network Partner Organizations throughout the state. Each Network Partner hosts monthly networking events for Veterans to learn more about OSOCRC Entrepreneurship Program and get connected with local entrepreneurs in the construction industry and resources. Do you need help with a specific business topic like how to use QuickBooks or run a social media marketing campaign for your start up construction company? Our Network Partners will also be hosting frequent short workshops on specific business topics.

Do you already have a business idea but need help with the details? Apply for the OSOCRC Advanced Entrepreneurship Program and receive 9 weeks of face to face and hands-on instruction.

Do you already own your own business? If so, we can help you get certified for free and become a Florida State General Contractor and find funding for your Veteran Owned Business through partnerships with our investors.

Entrepreneurship Program Eligibility

The program is designed for those who:

  • Are one of the following:
    • Honorably discharged veteran*
    • Active duty US Armed Forces (with 1 year left before discharge)
    • Current or former member of the National Guard or Reserves
  • Reside in Florida
  • Demonstrate a strong interest in entrepreneurship

* if you do not have your DD214, you may obtain it at this link:

Value Statement:

Ox School of Construction Resource Center (OSOCRC) can only be successful if we are helping others achieve success.  This can only be accomplished if every member of our team’s actions are focused on accomplishing the mission statement.  There are no “we”, “them”, or “employees” at OSOCRC.  There are only team members.  Similarly, we do not have “clients,” but partners.  Each team member understands that there are nine principles from which we develop our culture, our brand, and our business strategies.

1) Character above all else
Relationships with team members, partners, Members of City of Orlando Building Department, and some of the most affluent construction companies in the industry rely on trust. There is nothing more important than knowing you are working with someone you can trust.

2) Personal growth is not an option
“You are the same today as you’ll be in five years except for two things: the books you read and the people you meet.” Members of the OSOCRC team do not expect their teammates to be the same person in five years. As our Team faces new opportunities, we cannot use past success to overcome new challenges.

3) Be passionate and determined
Our Team only works on projects or with clients that we are passionate about. OSOCRC strives to build bridges with other like-minded organizations.

4) Be awesome daily
Our clients have partnered with us because they are seeking solutions to complex problems. We know success will not simply land in our lap. We have to daily press towards a goal knowing that day after day we are closer to accomplishment.

5) Mistakes are only failures if we don’t learn from them
Making a mistake isn’t fun and can be painful. However, in some situations, despite copious amounts of data that pointed to an almost guaranteed success, we make a decision that ends in what seems a failure. Learn from it. Some of the most valuable lessons are learned from a simple mistake.

6) Two options are never enough
Our Team is highly educated, creative, and capable of far more together than apart. If there are only two options for solving a problem, we have not involved enough members of the Team.

7) Think win/win
The best solutions do not involve winners and losers. As a team, we are responsible for using all of our capabilities to accomplish the third and most fulfilling solution – win/win.

8) Our greatest asset is the Team
It is our belief that the bigger the dream, the bigger a team must be to accomplish that dream. Whether we are helping a homeless family by building them a home of their own, assisting a troubled youth to realize his full potential, or working with a veterans to develop an effective leadership team, we know that our clients’ goals are bigger than any one team member.

9) Be intentional
Everything we do should lead towards accomplishing the OSOCRC Mission Statement.

10) Leadership is not a game it’s a duty
Leadership is not a game of chance. As a leader, your decisions change lives. Therefore, you can’t just show up in the same way you would show up to a raffle…to a drawing from a fishbowl. As a leader, you must be present to win. It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.

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