Ox Home Improvement Program
by OSOCRC Orlando

Who is Ox School of Construction Resource Center?

Ox School of Construction Resource Center Orlando (OSOCRC) is an innovative non-profit that offers hands-on building trades training on real construction sites. We’re helping to build a diverse workforce by recruiting students from underserved urban neighborhoods who are looking for a sustainable career path. Our organization functions like a non-profit design/build firm that specializes in affordable housing and design/build services for other non-profits. Our project sites serve as the training grounds that allow students in our programs to gain the credentials needed to start a successful career in the trades.

Graduates are eligible to apply for entry-level jobs in construction through our sister construction trades staffing company Army of Builders Corps., and our most successful graduates are offered a position on our ‘OJT Special-Ops’ team, where they can gain entrepreneurial skills and experience helping low-income seniors and people with mobility challenges by employing the skills they’ve learned on the jobsite.

Our Ox Home Improvement Program

Our Ox Home Improvement Program (OHIP) enables our most successful students to gain entrepreneurial skills and experience by working alongside an instructor on real projects that make a difference in our community. In order to form a sustainable pipeline of clients who are in need of our services, OSOCRC works collaboratively with other service providers in Orlando to perform home improvement projects for low-income seniors and people with mobility challenges. Our clients must be homeowners in the city of Orlando, and be pre-screened by one of these service providers to ensure that they meet income eligibility standards. We currently do not have the capacity to help with roofing, plumbing, and electrical projects. Rather, our team specializes in universal design and falls-prevention projects such as accessible bathroom and kitchen remodels, wheelchair ramps, grab bar and handrail installation, and small interior and exterior repair projects.


Ox Home Improvement Program
by Ox School of Construction Resource Center

What’s it like to work with OSOCRC?

Our clients especially love working with OSOCRC because of our attention to detail and quality control. Our prices are often less expensive than other contractors since we are a non-profit, and we have the capacity to handle any design needs that may arise. Seniors in particular love meeting our recently graduated students, and the relationship often provides interesting opportunities for intergenerational learning and interaction.

Our Process

We will begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the client’s home using our assessment checklist. The assessment takes about an hour, and we will come away with a list of projects prioritized by need and cost. Our findings will be forwarded to a service provider who is able to arrange funding through city and state programs, often enabling the repairs to be completed free of charge to the homeowner. Once the project has been approved for funding, OSOCRC can get started completing the work. Projects can take anywhere from one week to six months, depending on the scope and scale of the project.

Program Outcomes

  • Seniors are able to age safely in place, which helps to slow displacement and prevent gentrification in underrepresented neighborhoods
  • Intergenerational service approach helps strengthen a sense of community, preserve historical and cultural traditions, and encourage cultural exchange within the community
  • Framework for falls risk assessments and database of collected information ensures that the voices of this vulnerable population are heard
  • Service learning promotes leadership development and social responsibility
  • Projects serve as field experience on real project sites, and provide entrepreneurial and client-relations experience for those interested in starting their own business in the trades If you are a senior or mobility-challenged individual earning at or below 100% of the area median income, you may be eligible for our services.

For More Information,

Please Call: (888) 296-0084

There are several ways you can help Ox School of Construction Resource Center.




Support Levels



Apprentice Scholarship

We created the Apprentice Scholarship to help hardworking apprentices meet their costs, so they complete their programs and build rewarding careers in the in-demand trades that will help move Orlando forward.



Jr Designer Scholarship

The purpose of this gift is to provide meaningful scholarship support for a student studying at our Ox Grafix Designs Program



Youth Apprentice Stipend

Our programs will give you a hands-on experience with projects while working alongside skilled professionals who will help you develop job skills and expose you to rewarding careers.



Hard Hat

Covers transportation and materials




Outfits an apprentice



Trade Tools

Buys an apprentice tool belt




Building Trades Exploration

This 6-9 month academic and building trades program is for young people aged 17-29 who do not have a high school diploma. Program participants gain exposure to construction and landscaping safety, tools, materials, techniques and methods while taking academic prep classes for their high school equivalency (HSE).

All Participants Receive:

A Bi-Weekly stipend

  • A Bi-Weekly stipend
  • OSHA 10
  • First Aid/ CPR certification
  • Hot-works Certification Training

Successful participants are eligible for dual enrollment at local community colleges and can move on to advanced training or entry-level jobs in the field.



This 15-week program is for young people aged 17-29 who already have their high school diploma or equivalent, and are interested in starting a career in the building trades. Students gain field experience on real construction sites to ensure that they are ready for employment in the field upon graduation.

All Participants Receive:

  • A Bi-Weekly stipend
  • OSHA 10
  • First Aid/ CPR certification
  • Hot-works Certification Training

Occasionally students will also receive:

  • 2A/1C Hoisting Training
  • Signal Rigger Certification

Successful graduates apply to union or non- union apprenticeship programs or seek entry level placements in the building trades.


The Ox Graphix Design Program

Our 7 to 10 week sessions are geared toward high school students who want an enriching after-school experience. Students are paid a bi-weekly stipend while they hone fundamental graphic, modeling, and design-thinking skills through real design projects for non-profit clients around the city.

Outstanding and mature students participate for several semesters, and receive internship opportunities with professional design and construction firms in the Orlando area.

The Ox Grafix Design program offers pro-bono student design services, as well as subsidized professional design services for other non-profits.



Through this volunteer and corporate engagement initiative, our one-day service events allow employees of socially responsible corporations to make a difference in Orlando's under-served communities.

Our service partners are non-profit friends and neighbors of OSOCRC who are in need of improvements such as building repairs, painting, new outdoor furniture, landscaping, or general cleanup. 

A typical service event sponsored by the corporate partner costs between $8,000 and $10,000,

and includes all materials, tools, rentals, assembly instructions, carpenter guidance, and volunteer kits.

Our Values

Honor: Recruits are held to the highest ethical and moral standards. Respect for others is essential.

Courage: Recruits will face their fears and overcome them. They will do what is right no matter the consequences.

Commitment: Recruits strive for excellence and never give up. Duty to others is fundamental.

recruit Profile

After each recruit graduates from OSOCRC to become a Master Builder in the Army of Builders Corps each recruit will...

  • Do the right thing when no one is watching.
  • Strives for excellence in everything he does.
  • Keeps him/herself mentally and physically fit.
  • Treats all individuals with courtesy and respect.
  • Honors his country and those who served it.
  • Helps all individuals and serves his community.
  • Stands up for those who cannot defend themselves.
  • Behaves responsibly and holds him/herself accountable.
  • Makes decisions with the outcome in mind.
  • Solves problems rather than create them.
  • Sees the similarities in people and not the differences.
  • Believes in him/herself and never stops trying.
  • Knows how to lead and follow.
  • Acts more than he/she speaks.
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